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How to Live a Fulfilling Life | Secret # 1

Be Present in a Moment

It is difficult or even sometimes impossible to live a fulfilling life if you are not present in a current moment. This inability to be in here and now is caused by feeling unsafe or being too worried. You simply can’t relax and enjoy your life when you are in a flight-or-fight mode. Of course, you need to be in this mode from time to time. It helps you to avoid or escape dangerous situations.

However, sometimes you might be stuck in this mode for a long time after an unsafe situation is over because you can’t bring yourself back to calm state. The ability to self-regulate yourself and your intense emotions is one of the keys to fulfilling life.

Also, you might perceive an environment or some long-lasting situations as more dangerous than they are. The lack of space to live and lac

k of trust can affect your perception, keeping you in tension and on guard all the time. As a result, you feel as there is not enough air for you to breathe freely or as something is constantly pressing on you, not letting you to relax.

How to be present and live a fulfilling life

Watch the video above or read the overview of the steps to overcome challenges for being present in a moment below.

Challenge #1. Not knowing how to manage your emotional state and state of mind.

Learn self-regulation techniques, so you can bring yourself back to the state of calmness, safety, and ability of doing your best. Examples of self-regulation techniques are breathing exercises, The Basic exercise, and safe anger release. Examples of actions that assist in initiating the state of calmness and productivity are entering the flow state, challenging negative thoughts, meditating.

live a fulfilling life

Challenge #2. Not having enough space or taking too much space

Determine where in your life you do not have enough space: physical and emotional space, space for yourself in relationships, space for your ideas and so on. Where do you take too much space in tasks, conversations, responsibilities, work, and so on? Learn how to claim your space if you do not take enough and how to share space with others if you took too much.

Live a fulfilling life

Challenge #3. Lacking trust

There are three types of trust: self-trust, relationship trust, and fundamental trust (e.g. that everything will be Ok). To live a fulfilling life, you need to have trust in all these three areas: trust in yourself (your skills and abilities), trust other people in order to build authentic relationships, trust the world (maintain hope). Trust can be built. It also should not be blind. You need to check if you can trust a person, yourself or a situation. For example, before accepting a challenging task you may want to check with yourself if your abilities in general matched the challenge.

Live a fulfilling life

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