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How to fulfill a New Year's resolution

It is January! Christmas and New Year's fuss is gone. Holidays are over and we are on the track again. Many people usually make New Year's resolutions. This also applies to the sphere of fitness and health. Sometimes thoughts about new year make us excited. It seems so easy to fulfill the resolutions. We are happy, relax and looking forward with hope. However, very often we struggle to bring goals to reality. I know it is so frustrating!

In my opinion, to have plan is one of the best ways. And I am not talking about a piece of paper with list of goals. I mean real plan for achieving your goals. In fitness aspect of life it can be individual training plan tailored special for your by trainer, or membership pass for some classes, or registration in Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker aps, or something else. For example, if I came to a gym without a program (plan) for training, I would feel puzzled. You need to know what to do for reaching your goals. Because if you do a senseless activity, you won't have energy for it. That's the way the psyche is build. It protects us from meaningless actions. In other words, if your goal is 10 pull ups, but you every day go for running, very soon you will feel unmotivated and upset. Because cycling doesn't work on strength of upper body muscles and you still do two pull ups. Of course, you will be not motivated to go cycling again.

Build your future cleverly ))) There are a few steps below:

  • find a way for achieving your goals (make an research who can help you, e.g. a family member, a friend, a specialist, a consultant)

  • get a real plan with effective steps (e.g. training program, lesson schedule, class registration, meal plan)

  • find additional support (e.g. friends who will be exercise with you, a trainer who will check your attendance)

  • incorporate this plan in your life (make sure that family members and friends know that implicating of the plan is important for you)

Take care,

Elena Muratova, Peronal Trainer

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