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Life needs to be analyzed in December

Merry Christmas and a Bright and Happy New Year!

Firstly, the end of December is time to remember major events in the Year. Some of them were joyful and inspiring. They brought many happy moments. Remember and thank them. Others were sad and difficult to overcome. If you have a look back, maybe you will notice that they don't seem so huge and critical anymore. And you had resources to get over them. Remember and let them to be a part of the past. It is necessary to let outgoing Year go, so upcoming happy events will take place in the new Year's life.

Secondly, the end of December is time to analyze all sectors of your life and decide what you'd like to change. The exercise below will help you to clarify this. Please, take a piece of paper and a pencil. Draw a circle and divide it into 12 parts. Then mark ten-digit scale in each sector by pencil or in your mind. Zero is a center, ten is a point on the rim. Number one means very poor and number ten means excellent.

Now you are ready for analysis ))) Chose appropriate number and make a mark. When all sectors are done, join all marks by a line. Look at your figure. How does it look?

If the figure looks almost like a circle, your life is balanced. The number shows the level of satisfaction in each sector. If your figure looks more like a square, a star or uneven figure (see example below), your life are unbalanced. And some sectors (with low numbers) need changes and your attention. Think about what you would like to change, how you can realize it, where to find help, advice or knowlege about a certain topic. Balanced life give you more satisfaction, happiness and energy. So improve the life today!

Sectors of life

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