About me

   Hi, welcome to my site, my name is Elena and I am a Life Transition Coach

  I always love to find out more about where people are coming from since it often shines a light on where they are now. So here are a few words about my family, sports, and myself.

   Both my parents are coaches. Figure skating is my mom's passion, and my dad is in love with skiing. So love and passion for sport, exercise and movement is in my blood. I couldn’t imagine my life without physical activity since I was a kid. 


   I started to ski when I was 3 years old and years later after wins and losses, injuries and recovery, competed in the Olympics Games 2014. Sport was not only work but also my life. However, I finally reached my goal and it was time for me to retire from my professional career as an athlete.

   Starting a new chapter in life was not easy. To be honest, it was terrifying! I was afraid and anxious to take the leap into uncertainty. Suddenly many decisions were waiting to be made. One life transition brought changes in other areas of my life. Being overwhelmed and not knowing where to find help, I tried to be strong. But I stumbled all the time during my transition as a newborn kitten who cannot yet see. My life changed, but I kept holding to my past and to my expectations. I did not give myself space and time to see what changes in me should be made for making my transition the easiest it could be.  

    Even thought, physical transition to new activity, country and married life happened quickly in a few months, it took years before I learned and took the necessary steps for finally adjusting mentally and emotionally to my new chapter in life.  

   Today I finally live in congruence with my values and able to make mindful decisions from the place of calmness and confidence instead of fear and doubts. I follow my interests and actively create my life the way I want it to be.