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Finally! How to Adapt Efficiently to a New Chapter in Life after Retirement from a Professional Career

(So you DON'T have to struggle during your life transition) 

  • Know your priorities

  • Have less stress and trust your decisions

  • Feel confident in moving forward and pursuing new opportunities

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Jan 28th, 2021

Know six steps you need to take for a successful life transition.

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From: Elena Muratova
RE: Life Transition Formula

Dear person in the process of a transition,

If you want to be the active creator of the next stage in your life, to live in congruence with your values, or even if you just want to have strategies for keeping yourself in a positive attitude, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...


You can get all of the benefits mentioned above in just 6 steps. 


Here's how and why I can make you this promise...

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  • Olympian and best selling author of "My Russian Way To Boldness. How to Find Yourself". 

  • I retired form professional career in sport when I was 27. I also experienced number of other major life transitions: started a business, moved to another country, and lost my hair due to Alopecia. At some point I was totally overwhelmed by all the changes and had no idea what to do with the next chapter in life. Fortunately, I gradually found pieces of information, support, and practical tools that helped me to stand back on my feet, re-purpose my life, and create an enjoyable fulfilling next chapter. 

Elena Muratova

Having me as your Life Transition Coach you will get support and a working formula for efficient transition to the next stage.

  • By knowing your values you will escape decisions that steer you in the wrong directions

  • After re-gaining self confidence and strengthening your identity you will act from the place of courage not fear 

  • By letting things go and accepting new reality, you will move forward and open space for new opportunities

  • Being the active creator of your next chapter you will build a fulfilling life

  • Having structure and balance in your life, you will feel supported  


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I wish I had more time (who doesn't), so I could support more people, but with limited hours in a day, I can work only with certain number of people at the same time. So, take your spot today! Book your discovery session online or by sending me a message. 

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This is me.

This is me.

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Amazing feelings!

Amazing feelings!

Everybody has his or her own great moments in life! I work hard to help people find these moments in being active and healthy.
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Bestselling Author

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The Book "My Russian Way to Boldness. How to Find Yourself."

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In this book I share my very personal stories about identity struggles, addiction to sport, co-dependancy in relationships, and difficulties with transitions in life. I also talk about loneliness, anxiety, and body image difficulties.

The book includes two parts:

1. The story part

2. Self-help part with helpful tools 

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