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Elena Muratova

"Elena, your speeches are motivational, informative and very well structured. Thank you for sharing such inspiring personal stories!"



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Public Speaker


I can talk about various topics and customize my speech for a specific audience. Here are some topics:

  • How to Become Resilient

  • Through Struggles with Alopecia to Body Acceptance

  • How to Find Yourself (Life Transitions and Meaning in Life)

  • How to Become a Friend with Your Own Body

  • What is Self-Love and Self-Care

Bestselling Author

The Book "My Russian Way to Boldness. How to Find Yourself."

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In this book I share my very personal stories about identity struggles, addiction to sport, co-dependancy in relationships, and difficulties with transitions in life. I also talk about loneliness, anxiety, and body image difficulties.

The book includes two parts:

1. The story part

2. Self-help part with helpful tools 

Memberships and Achievements

Lifestyle Coach


One of the greatest challenges most people experience in improving their life is actually getting started. Some people delay months or years because they feel unsure about how to begin or/and maintain changes. The goals can be different: to improve lifestyle, to change eating habits, to go through life transition, to find a new meaning, to improve a body image, to make an important desicion and so on.


The journey to fulfilling life can be overwhelming if you are alone. Luckily to implement changes or adjust to something new in your life can be easier with right tools and necessary level of support. As a famous proverb goes a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step – book an absolutely free, no pressure initial coaching session.


“I am so pleased to provide a testimonial for Elena Muratova. I met Elena at one of my first networking events. I felt nervous and her confident open smile made me curious to learn more about her life coaching.  

Elena has helped me to listen to my body and attend to my self care. Exploring appetite awareness, aligning behaviour to values and conscious decision making. I have made sustained changes to my daily habits and incorporate new routines to bring me closer to my goals.”


Don't give up on your dreams because of the time it will take to accomplish them!

The time will pass anyway.

Let's meet for an hour in my private office in Victoria, BC, or by Skype and discuss your specific goals and challenges. Whatever obstacles and excuses you previously had that prevented you from actually improving your satisfaction from life (what is your vision?), we’ll get through and get on the way. Time for procrastination is over, let’s work together effectively and enjoyably. Leave a message below to book the free coaching session!


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